Not to be confused with the other king character the King.

Daddy Jones (Swedish: Kungen/ Självhärskaren) is the king of a island that Moominpappa lived on in his youth. He appears only in Moominpappa's Memoirs. Daddy Jones is a kindly, fun loving old man and his kingdom says it all. He insists that everyone calls him Daddy Jones rather than King, feeling a fatherly bond between him and his subjects. He owns a fairground full of surprises and gives a blast on his foghorn when he makes royal proclamations.

In the Books

Daddy Jones only appears in Moominpappa's Memoirs in which he rules over an island kingdom full of beasts, mymbles, Hemulens and more. He held a garden party to celebrate his 100th birthday, but the way was a long and winding obstacle course. He held a lottery in which Moominpappa, Hodgkins, The Joxter, The Muddler and the Mymble's daughter all got a row of prizes. He made Hodgkins his court inventor and announced the reveal of the Amphibian, a new version of the Oshun Oxtra, and has currently still got the Nibling's prize. In the end, he was playing on the swings.

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