Finn Family Moomintroll (Swedish: Trollkarlens hatt Literally: The Magician's Hat, The Wizard's Hat or The Hobgoblin's Hat) is the third in the series of Tove Jansson's Moomin books, published in 1948. It owes its title in translation to the fact that it was the first Moomin book to be published in English, and was actually marketed as the first in the series until the 1980s.

The 1961 English publication features a "foreword" by Moominmamma, where she explains the nature of Moomins for fear that English children may not have heard of them; she also apologises for her "rottn" English. Otherwise, the book was translated by Elizabeth Portch.

Plot Summary

Moomintroll, Sniff and Snufkin discover the Hobgoblin's Hat on a mountain-top, oblivious of its strange powers. Moomintroll hides inside the hat during a game of hide-and-seek and is temporarily transformed beyond recognition.

The Moomin Family travel to the Island of the Hattifatteners, and the Moominhouse is transformed into a jungle when Moominmamma absent-mindedly drops a ball of poisonous pink perennials into the Hobgoblin's Hat.

Thingumy and Bob arrive clutching a large suitcase containing the King's Ruby, which they stole from the Groke. After a court case (presided over by the Snork) the Groke agrees to exchange the ruby for the Hobgoblin's Hat.

Thingumy and Bob steal Moominmamma's handbag to use as a bed, but return it when they realise how upset she is.

The Moomins hold a party to celebrate, during which the Hobgoblin arrives (with a new hat) demanding the King's Ruby, to the refusal of Thingumy and Bob.

To cheer himself up, the Hobgoblin grants everyone at the party a wish. Although not everyone gets exactly what they wished for, the Hobgoblin is delighted when Thingumy and Bob wish for a duplicate ruby to give him - the Queen's Ruby. (As it turns out, the Hobgoblin can grant the wishes of others, but not his own wishes).


Finn Family Moomintroll has been adapted to film and television seven times, making it the most adapted Moomin story to date.

An audio book of Finn Family Moomintroll, complete and unabridged, read by Hugh Laurie, was released in 2002 by the BBC.

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