Hemulens are a species of characters in the Moomin series of books by Swedish finn author Tove Jansson. Hemulens feature in several of the books and almost all other Moomin media. In the Moomin Anime, Hemulens are portrayed only as one character, as seen on the image to the right, called The Hemulen.

In Comet In Moominland , we meet one Hemulen who collects butterflies and his cousin, a stamp-collector who follow Moomintroll and his friends to the cave where they hide from the Comet. He reapperes in Finn Family Moomintroll, where he is initially depressed, because, after being an avid stamp-collector, he has acquired a copy of every stamp in the world, so that his life has no more meaning. He then realises he can take to botany, and collect plants, whereupon he brightens up. A female Hemulen raised Moominpappa in an orphanage, and later Moominpappa rescued her aunt, who looked confusingly like her, from the Groke . A ski-loving Hemulen with a large brass horn appears in Moominland Midwinter. He is adored by the little Toffle Salome, which he fails to notice due to her shyness until the end of the story. At the end of the novel he saves Sorry-oo from wolves. A Hemulen who probably is the same character appears again in The Dangerous Journey, since he is travelling with Sorry-oo. The short story "The Hemulen Who Loved Silence" features a large family of Hemulens who own än amusement park. Finally, in Moominvalley in November there is a Hemulen who lives in Moominvalley and adores Moominpappa, which is why he decides to visit Moominhouse. He owns a boat which the orphan Toft lives in but is scared of sailing, which he is ashamed of.

Hemulens tend to have obsessive personalities, devoting themselves solidly to one interest, whether it be skiing, stamp-collecting, butterflies, or whatever. They tend also to be oblivious to the feelings and opinions of others. Other characters frequently find the Hemulens annoying or overwhelming, as they can be somewhat loud, bossy, abrasive and insensitive. However, they are well intentioned and usually have other redeeming qualities. Hemulens resemble Moomintrolls and Snorks, but are taller, always grey, and have an even longer nose than moomintrolls. They all wear dresses, and Moomins cannot understand their reason for wearing so many clothes.

Perhaps the most prominent member of this species is Mr Hemulen in the 1990 Moomin anime series. A character exclusive to the TV series, he lives in Moominvalley, presumably close to Moominhouse, is very fond of plants and often appears to get entangled in the Moomins' adventures, sometimes out of his own curiosity. He is voiced by David Graham (who is best known for his voice work on the popular Science-Fiction TV series, Thunderbirds and its CGI reboot, Thunderbirds Are Go!).


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