aka Danny

  • I live in Oakland, CA
  • I was born on January 6
  • My occupation is Product Manager at Wikipedia
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  • Good evening Toughpigs! for a while now I have been speaking out on behalf of a friend of mine Tobi.miltenberger who was recently blocked on the Muppets wiki (a superb wiki which he and many others enjoy) Scarecrow blocked him for accusations of ignoring rules. Tobi. was just starting off as a keen fairly new editor, he didn't know he was breaking rules and was given an infinte block. He came to me and others for help, I did contact Scarecrow but I myself was eventually blocked for being a "pest".

    Toughpigs, I ask if you can please remove Tobi.miltenberger's block. He has told me he made mistakes but now realizes what's what. He's even an Admin on a wiki, so please I ask you to consider lifting his block!

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