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Moominland Midwinter (Swedish title Trollvinter) is the fifth in the series of Tove Jansson's Moomins books, published in 1957.

This book sees Jansson adopt a darker, more introspective tone compared to the earlier books that is continued in the remainder of the series.

Often in the book Moomintroll is either lonely, miserable, angry or scared - the result of being forced to survive in a world to which he feels he does not belong.

While preserving the charm of the previous novels, the story involves a more in-depth exploration of Moomintroll's character than before.

Moominland Midwinter forms the basis of episodes 22 and 23 in the 1990 TV series.

Plot summary

While the rest of the Moomin family are in the deep slumber of their winter hibernation, Moomintroll finds himself awake and unable to get back to sleep.

He discovers a world hitherto unknown to him, where the sun does not rise and the ground is covered with cold, white, wet powder.

Moomintroll is lonely at first but soon meets Too-ticky and his old friend Little My (who takes delight in sledging down the snowy hills on Moominmamma's silver tea tray).

The friends build a snow horse for the Lady Of The Cold and mourn the passing of an absent-minded squirrel who gazed into the Lady's eyes and froze to death. However, a squirrel is spotted alive by Moomintroll at the end of the book, and it seems that it may have come back to life.

As the haunting winter progresses, many characters (notably the Groke, Sorry-oo the small dog, and a boisterous skiing Hemulen) come to Moominvalley in search of warmth, shelter and Moominmamma's stores of jam.

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