For Moominmamma in other media, see Moominmamma.
Moomin mini
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Creator Tove Jansson
Gender Female
Species Moomintroll
Color of eyes Green
Identifying marks Light yellow skin, black handbag, white and red striped apron
Place of residence The Moominhouse, Moomin Valley
Hobby Cooking, gardening, knitting
Friends Snork, Snufkin, Sniff, Snork Maiden, Little My, Too-Ticky, Alice, The Police Inspector, Fillyjonk, Thingumy and Bob, Too-Ticky
Husband Moominpappa
Son Moomin

Moominmamma is one of the protagonists in the Moomin anime series from 1990-92. She is the wife of Moominpappa and mother of Moomin. All three lives in the Moominhouse.


Behind the Scenes

  • When a dangerous event occurs, Moominmamma's weapon of choice is a frying pan.
  • She is rarely seen running. When other characters are in a hurry, she often walks calmly behind.