Moomins and the Great Autumn Festival (Finnish: Muumit ja Suuri syysjuhla) is the eighth game in the Moomin franchise, released in 2007 for PC/Mac and Nintendo DS in Finland. The game is only available in Finnish and Swedish.

Publisher's summary (DS)

Moomintroll needs your help in arranging the festivities as the summer is coming to an end and the Moomins are preparing for the annual Autumn Festival.

Before the party is ready, you have a lot to do and the Moomintroll needs your help. Come and join him in Moomin Valley and help the residents organise an autumn party. Visit the magician's tent and look at the magic crystal ball. Help Moominpappa in his chores or go greet him and see what's in his workshop. Help Moomintroll prepare for the Autumn Festival and keep everything organised so that the party can begin. Fully Finnish Moomin game for Nintendo DS. The characters speak Finnish. The people of Moomin Valley are in full swing: the big autumn festival is coming soon! Help the Mummy get ready for the party, important items are missing! Use a touch screen and a stylus. Point-and-click game that is easy to learn. The game has 3 different difficulty levels, the perfect first game for ages 4-9! Two game modes: Adventure and Mini Games. (Note: translated from Finnish)


The player's mission is to help Moomintroll with the annual Autumn celebration arrangements. Before the festivities can begin a number of tasks need to be completed, with the player receiving a prize each time in return.

The tasks include:

  • Moomintroll's punch machine (which is out of order)
  • Moominpappa's duck guidance
  • Hemulen flower sorting
  • Snork freight sorting
  • Thingumy and Bob darts game
  • Sam and his friends to help over the water,
  • Thingumy and Bob gem game
  • Magician guessing game
  • Little My quiz

All tasks must be done in order to finally begin the Autumn festivities.


This game is also the first Moomin game, with more than one language option (Finnish or Swedish). It also lets the player choose their difficulty level.


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