Moomins and the Invisible Child (Finnish: Muumit ja Näkymätön lapsi) is the fourth game in the Moomin franchise. It was released in 1999 and is only available in Finnish. The plot and content of the game are based on the short story The Invisible Child featured in Tales from Moominvalley by Tove Jansson.


Ninny is brought to the Moomin family by Too-Ticky. Ninny is invisible at the beginning of the game, and the player's role is to make her gradually visible by completing various tasks.

There are seven different tasks:

  • Picking apples with Little My and Sniff
  • Moominpappa's packing machine
  • Sorting out jam jars in the basement with Snork
  • Moominmamma and Moomintroll's badminton game
  • Making different outfits for Ninny
  • Musical game with Snufkin
  • Mushroom picking with Moominmamma (locked; opens when enough other tasks are done)

After each task, Ninny becomes a little more visible. Moominmamma is involved in every assignment and gives advice during each of them.


Of all the characters in the game, only Moominmamma talks. All but one of the tasks can be accessed from the menu inside the Moominhouse, not from the Moominvalley menu, as in the previous and following Moomin computer games.

Behind the Scenes


Gameplay of Muumit ja Näkymätön lapsi (Finnish)

Gameplay of Muumit ja Näkymätön lapsi (Finnish)

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