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Moomins on the Riviera or Moomins the Movie is an 2014 French-Finnish hand-drawn animated feature film based upon the storyline of the same name from the original Moomin comic strips by Tove Jansson. The art style of the film is very faithful to the original comics, using Tove Jansson's original illustrations as a direct basis for the animations. It's comic strip source material makes it unusual from other Moomin adaptions, which usually focus on the books, as it focuses on contemporary issues aimed towards a more adult demographic, instead of the more classic fairytale style.

The film follows the Moomin family as they visit the Riviera and interact with high-class society.


After taking their children to watch the movie in theaters In Finland, parents/guardians felt that the use of alcohol and gambling was not appropriate for the younger members of the family. The movie is --as mentioned above-- almost identical to Tove Jansons original comics, which where not entitled for children. With the success of the Moomin Anime in 1990 among younger children, the guardians assumed that the movie would be in a similar style; appropriate for children. A poll on the Finnish newspaper Iltalehti's website showed that the majority believed that the whole accusation was ridiculous.[1]

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