Moominvalley is Finnish-British animated children's television series, produced by Gutsy Animations. A crowdfunded campaign was made on Indiegogo from 8 March to 21 April 2017 and was successfully funded.

The first series premiered on January 25, 2019, in Finland. The second series was announced on December 2, 2019 on the Twitter account of Nick Ostler[1], the screenwriter for Moominvalley. The second series premiered on 21 December, 2019, in the UK.


The protagonist of the series is Moomintroll, who is curious, kind, sensitive and idealistic. He is a typical hero in a coming-of-age story: he tries to tackle the puzzle of growing up to his true, individualistic self while remaining a beloved part of the family.

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The score for the series was composed by Finnish musicians Pekka Kuusisto and Samuli Kosminen. Kuusisto's father, Ilkka Kuusisto, had previously composed an opera for the Moomins with Tove Jansson in 1974.[2]

In September 2018, Gutsy Animations made a deal with Sony Music to have the label's artists contribute original songs for each episode.



  • When Moominvalley Series 1 premiered on Sky One, the episode "The Spring Tune" was shown later in the series, listed as Episode 13 instead of Episode 2. It followed "Midwinter Ancestor" and replaced it as the final episode in the series, for reasons unknown. The rest of the episodes followed the same order.

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