Moominvalley (Official Soundtrack) is a soundtrack album released by Sony Music Entertainment on April 19th 2019 for the first series of the television series Moominvalley. The soundtrack features songs from various artists, with many of the artists being from Nordic countries, inspired by Tove Jansson's heritage and the influence of Nordic culture present in the Moomin stories and comics.

The official soundtrack includes 16 songs in total, with 15 original songs and one cover version of an existing song ("Love Me with All Your Heart" which was originally performed by Los Hermanos Rigual).

Songs not featured in the television series but included in the album are "Theme Song (I'm Far Away)" and "All Small Beasts Should Have Bows in Their Tails". There is one song that is featured in the television series but is not present on the album, which is the theme song: "Theme From Moominvalley".

This official soundtrack is available for online streaming, as well as in the formats of MP3 digital download, audio CD, and limited edition 12” picture disc on clear vinyl. The vinyl records are available in 4 colours, each featuring a different Moomin character.

As of 15th May 2019 Moominvalley (Official Soundtrack) had reached #2 in TV Soundtracks and #55 in Compilations on the Amazon Bestsellers Rank.

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Artist(s) Length
1. Theme Song (I'm Far Away) Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted, Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen, Kristoffer Fogelmark, Albin Nedler 2:30
2. Starlight Matti Mikkola, Alma-Sofia Miettinen Alma-Sofia Miettinen 2:21
3. Summer Day Tom Odell Tom Odell 3:00
4. Back to the Cave Ed Harcourt, Dave Palmer Colonel Suns 3:38
5. Love Me with All Your Heart Carlos Rigual, Mario Rigual Delilah Montagu 2:40
6. Home Again Klara Söderberg, Johanna Söderberg First Aid Kit 4:07
7. There Is Something in the Forest Aarich Jespers, Kobe Proesmans, Emilíana Torrini, Joris Caluwaerts Emilíana Torrini, The Colorist Orchestra, Kársnes Girl Choir 3:44
8. Home Josef Salvat, Rich Cooper Josef Salvat 3:21
9. All Small Beasts Should Have Bows in Their Tails Mia Makaroff, Steve Box Ellinoora Leikas 2:09
10. Free Spirit Josef Salvat, Rich Cooper Josef Salvat 3:05
11. Country Air Frank Reader, Paul Livingstone, John Douglas SOAK 3:28
12. By Your Side Liam Ramsden Mellah 3:10
13. In Blue Declan McKenna Declan McKenna 4:55
14. Northern Lights Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted, Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen MØ, Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen 3:38
15. Ready Now Dorothy Miranda Clark Dodie 3:03
16. The Author Jori Sjöroos, Christel Sundberg Roosberg 3:36
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