Mr. Brisk is a minor character and keen winter sports enthusiast. He usually appears when the snow starts to fall and is often seen skiing and uttering his catchphrase: "bright and breezy, free and easy!"


Mr. Brisk first appeared in the Moomin comic strips and is shown to be a confident, pompous character, with a love of cold weather and exercise. His appearance is that of a human-looking character, shaped somewhat like a triangle, with a pointed hat and patterned coat. Mr. Brisk is often self-centred and only interested in discussions about himself, skiing or exercise. He interacts mostly with the Moomin family, who have a certain amount of dislike for him, due to his disdain at their lack of natural ability at skiing, and calling them "weaklings".

Mr. Brisk is prone to wallowing in misery, and at one point chooses to focus on his regret at losing his chance on revenge instead of saving a stranded Snorkmaiden and Mymble's Daughter, calling them "silly girls". At one point Mymble's Daughter becomes quite fond of Mr. Brisk and tells him that she has "feelings" for him, however he ignores her affections, declining her offer to dance as he sees it as a "futile sport". Mymble's Daughter seeks sympathy from Snorkmaiden and says that one day Mr. Brisk will understand how cruel and unkind he has been.

In the Moomin anime series Mr. Brisk appears as a hemulen and tries to teach Moomintroll to ski. He travels in order to be always on the snow, and he eats jam without anything with it. In the Moominvalley television series his appearance is very similar to that of the comic strips, and he appears in the episode Moomin's Winter Follies as human-looking yet is still referred to as a hemulen. He is very competitive about winter sports and challenges Moomintroll to a skiing race to win Snorkmaiden's affections, which Snorkmaiden wins, causing Mr. Brisk to become upset at being beaten by a "mere maiden". His first name is Brian.


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