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Mrs Fillyjonk also known as just The Fillyjonk (Swedish: Fillifjonkan) is a Fillyjonk neighbour of the Moomin Family famous for her strict, fun-despising personality, which easily makes her the opposite of the Moomin family. She has three children.


Mrs. Fillyjonk resembles a typical Fillyjonk, with cream-coloured skin, brown markings around her eyes and nose, ginger hair and dark-blue eyes. She usually wears a red dress, a white buttoned-shirt underneath and a hat that ends with a ball. The ball's color changes depending on the series.

She's tall just like any other Fillyjonk, and seems to be a bit overweight, sometimes with a belly showing, especially when she sits, presumably due to frequent teatimes. It's the most noticable in the 1990 version.

She sometimes carries an umbrella around.


Mrs. Fillyjonk leads a life without a single moment of fantasy or joy, only duties and discipline. She is an extremely methodical person tied down with principles and has a deep rooted belief in prestige and tradition, but in a catastrophe, Fillyjonk may behave totally irrationally. Deep inside she probably has a wish to live like the Moomin family, without any worries.

She seems to have a very bloated ego, and doesn't want to her - nor her children - be bested in anything by anyone, and especially the Moomin family.

Despite her strict and tough behaviour towards her children, she really loves them, and gets really worried when something might happen to them.