Mumi-troll 1978

Mumi-troll (Russian language: Муми-тролль, Literally: Moomin-troll) was a series of three short films or episodes made in the USSR in 1978 produced by SOUZTELEFILM and directed by Aida Zyablikova ( music by Alexei Rybnikov) based on the book "Comet in Moominland", which was a part of the Moomin series by Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson.

The Films

Three films were made.

  • Mumi-troll i drugie (Russian: Муми-тролль и другие, Literally: Moomin-troll and the others) - 1978.
  • Mumi-troll i kometa (Russian: Муми-тролль и комета, Literally: Moomin-troll and the comet) - 1978
  • Mumi-troll i kometa: Put domoj (Russian: Муми-тролль и комета: Путь домой, Literally: Moomin-troll and the comet: A way to home) - 1978

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