'Muumilaakson police "monitor Moominvalley a, whose inhabitants call him chief of police, ',

controlled, but there's not much, because the only permanent Moominvalley rogue is Stinky. Chief of police, however, patrolling around the valley and help the local people, for example, carrying the injured until the home.

Moomin Valley police usually wears a blue mantle and a blue helmet. He is a Hemulen, so he has a long snout, and white skin. Length, he is a Moomin Papa-size, medium or long.

Police and lives in a small house, which is a prison booth, desk, and upstairs. Upstairs contents have never been proven. Behind bars has become Muumilaakson Despite the calm of Moomin series, many people.

Moomin Valley police have good relations with all Muumilaakson asukkeihin, except Stinky, as this makes jekkuja looting and people. The police should also not be Noidasta, because this makes the tricks of the Valley residents. Witch is also deliberately flown luudallaan just next to the police scare this time, and conjured up the police helmet heavier.

Moomin Valley police have a romantic relationship with the Mymble's daughter.

Tapio Hämäläinen has given the policevoiceMoomin series, the Finnish version. The red moonsection, the police officer, as the voice of Ilkka Merivaara.

Chief of police, is a nephew of Kyriaki, which comes in a tale of Moomin Valley to maintain discipline, but produces problems of excessive Mymmelin daughtere virkainnokkuudellaan.

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