Muumit ja Salaperäiset huudot (The Moomins and the mysterious cries of) is the seventh Moomin computer game. It was released in 2007. The game was also published in Nintendo DS handheld. [1] The game has progressed a lot from the previous graphics, Moomin-computer game, the most backgrounds and the landscape. The plot is not based on any of the earlier Moomin story, but to remind Moomin fantastical two-part episodes, which also is mulling nights of noise. Themed game is not quite as bleak as the previous example, parts of Winter Magic and Invisible child.

The game is also the first Moomin game in which the difficulty level can be selected. Snork also speaks for the first time in Moomin computer game. None of the Moomin'a familiar voice actor does not appear in the game, and the game is the first where it is (The Moominshide and seek game is not really speech at all).

The game is to find out what the strange cries come from and get them to an end. Muumipeikon club player Snork journey creates a lentohärvelin with cries to go out and explore, but unfortunately there are some important parts are missing and are assumed to search around the Moomin Valley. The player must also correct the lentohärveliä inside the two roles. Thereafter, the player can go to explain the origin of strange sounds.


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