Muumit ja Taikalamppu (The Moomins and the Magic Lamp) is the sixth Moomin computer game. It was released in 2001. The plot is similar to the Moomin 'lamp life' section. Unlike other Moomin computer games, the game is not the actual end, but the game ends only when the player stops playing the game. Muumipeikon, Snork and Sniff's voices are the same,as the stories continue Muumilaakson. Little Lay, while the voice actor is the same as the previous game, but not Elina Salo,such as the Moomin.

The game starts with Moomin greets players and displays the three options in which players have the opportunity to move forward. The game itself, the spirit-lamp and read a story or read about Muumeista. The various functions of the game has a number: Sniff the collection of goods in the basement, Muumipeikon a memory game, Little My flower's guess, Snorkmaiden flower collection (easy, moderate and severe), Snorkmaiden costume fitting, Little My animals and Sniff coin collection in the yard. The player also has the opportunity to hear three different songs for the locker room, and a variety of color pictures (from previous games), Little My company.