Moomins and the Magic Winter is the fifth Moomin computer game. It was released in 2000. The game's plot is similar to the Magic Winter in the book, but there are also differences to some extent. Little My, Moomin and Moominpappa are the only characters who speak in the game, but only Moomintroll Moomin stories have a familiar voice. The game is the first Moomin game in which two players can play against each other at the same time.

Game is to get the other Moomin house dreamers here for spending some time in a variety of positions in Little My and later with Moomintroll. A variety of games played is seven: Picture Puzzle (pictures previously appeared in the games), Fishing Racing (from the time of Moomin is awake, it can be played two players), ski jumping (easy or difficult), Memory Game with snow, snow castle building, Product discovery before the second and "Not to touch the floor"-game. The game also has an area where not play anything, but where you can make icicles.

All tasks can Moominvalley overall image and the alarm went off at all times when it is time to wake someone sleepers. Riser will vary, with the exception of Moomintroll, who wakes up first.