The Oshun Oxtra (Swedish: Haffsårkestern from Havsorkestern) is a river boat constructed by Hodgkins. Originally named the Ocean Orchestra, after a collection of poems by his lost brother, the name was changed after the Muddler painted the boat and misspelled its name.

In Moominpappa's Memoirs, the young Moominpappa travelled in the Oshun Oxtra together with his friends Hodgkins, the Joxter and the Muddler. Along the way, they briefly picked up the Hemulen's aunt and were later accompanied by a young Nibling.

After being promoted to court inventor by Daddy Jones, Hodgkins rebuilds the Oshun Oxtra from scratch, creating a MK 2 model capable of traversing both air, water and underwater. It is shown to still be working in the present when Hodgkins promises to take Sniff, Snufkin and Moomintroll, as well as their parents, on a flight with it to celebrate their reunion.

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