Primadonna (also known by her circus name Lagoona) is a character that first appears in the 9th Moomin comic strip Moomin Falls in Love as a beautiful circus performer putting on makeup while she is floating in the ocean and sitting on her drawer table. Primadonna is used to being beautiful and seeing young men and Moomin thinks that they will fall in love. Snorkmaiden, of course, is upset that he would fall in love in her and even calls her a vamp (dangerously flirtatious woman). The way they are ogling makes Snorkmaiden sick. Moomin would risk his life for her even to get spoons or coffee during the flood for her. Primadonna thinks Moomin is a coward unworthy of her feelings.



  • Moomin Falls In Love


Moomin (1990)

  • The Prima Donna


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