The Snork is the older and can be considered opposite brother of Snorkmaiden.


The Snork is rational, well organized and intelligent. He often complains about his sister Snorkmaiden for being air-headed and irrational. He tries to keep everyone and everything organized, but usually without success. He can be rude at times but has been shown to have a nice heart.

Bio in the books

The Snorks is first mentioned in Comet in Moominland when Snufkin tells his tale of when he escaped prison. He was fishing with his tail with his sister for minnows when Snufkin came and told him of his escape, and then he, Snufkin and his sister celebrated with cowslip wine and minnows for hours. Later, he appears when his sister is being attacked by a poisonous bush of the Angostura family, but Snufkin did not recognise him as he was green rather than mauve. He and his sister then proceeded with the group to Moomin valley.

When the group went to the the village stores, he bought a notebook to write down everything you have to do when a comet comes. He turned down the blue book because blue reminded him of school

At the dance he danced with an elderly and respectable inhabitant of the marshes who had seaweed in her hair.

At the crossing of the dried up sea, he wanted to hold a meeting, but the others said there was not enough time.

During the tornado, he actually lost his notebook with all the plans inside.

  1. In Finn Family Moomintroll he plays a lesser role and stays in Moominvalley when the others go to the island.

Bio in the TV series

The Snork appears in th 1990 TV anime The Moomins. He is an avid inventor who wants to create the first flying machine in Moomin Valley, and often fails. He is good friends with Moominpappa and often talk of their failures together. When the family go off to the Island, he stays with Sniff in Moominvalley.

In a later episode, he finally manages to start work on his flying machine, but he has everyone help build a secret hanger so no-one can steal his ideas. He manages to finish his flying machine and to everyone's joy it works.


  • The Snork has gone from around the same age as his sister in the books to the age of Moominpappa in the TV series.
  • The Snork is the first character to gain glasses.


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