Sorry-oo (right) with the Hemulen (left).


Sorry-oo surrounded by wolves.


Sorry-oo (left) with Susanna, Thingumy, Bob and the Hemulen in The Dangerous Journey.

Sorry-oo (Swedish: Ynk) is a small dog character appearing in the Moomin comic strips, Moominland Midwinter, The Dangerous Journey and Moomins on the Riviera. He is portrayed as rather shy and timid, often being distant or mumbling.

In Moominland Midwinter, he goes out every night to howl at the moon and dream of his bigger stronger wolf "brothers", whom he admires very much and wishes to one day join their pack. Because he's awake all night, he spends the days sleeping in the bath house's closet. The winterloving Hemulen tries to make friends with Sorry-oo, who shows little interest and shies away. The same night the Hemulen departs from the Moominvalley, Sorry-oo goes to the Lonely Mountains seeking the wolves he admires so much. This night they approach him, but to Sorry-oo's dismay they reveal themselves to be bloodthirsty beasts out to eat him. Upon the realization of this, Sorry-oo regrets staying up every night instead of staying back home sleeping. However, before the wolves manage to get to him, they are chased away by the approaching Hemulen with his horn. Unaware of Sorry-oo's original purpose, he believes he has been waiting for him there, and allows Sorry-oo to join him. Having never considered this before, Sorry-oo makes a hasty decision to follow the Hemulen, believing it to be the best choice.

In The Dangerous Journey, Sorry-oo appears again in the Hemulens company, following along the whole adventure.

Sorry-oo also appears in the Moomin comic strip, in the story Moominmamma's Maid, as Misabel's dog, though curiously, the English translation of the strip gives him the name "Pimple." Here, he is portrayed as having a "deep, dark secret," which turns out to be that he really likes cats and wishes he could be friends with one. Eventually, he does get a friend he thinks is a cat, but is really another dog which Moominmamma has painted to look like a cat. When Pimple finds out, he is disappointed at first, but soon realizes that he still likes his new friend very much even if it's not a cat.

In Moomins on the Riviera, Sorry-oo is again named "Pimple" and, like in the comic strip, secretly wants to be friends with a cat.


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