Spruce Creek (Swedish: Granviken) is a creek located outside Moominvalley, it is the major setting in the book Moominsummer Madness.

As the name suggests, Spruce Creek is surrounded by pine forests. It is uncertain if the size of the creek in the events of the book is it's natural state, or if the water level had been significantly raised during the flood. The fact that the area surrounding it hasn't been flooded, and that the local residents never seem to comment on there having been a flood suggests the creek was unaffected by it.

The creek is populated by the Fillyjonk and the Little Hemulen. After the events of the book the theatre is aground at the centre of the creek, where Emma, Misabel and Whomper reside. The orphaned woodies also move into Fillyjonk's house.

The Park Keeper's park is located nearby.

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