Tales from Moominvalley (Swedish: Det osynliga barnet och andra berättelser Literally: The Invisible Child and other stories) is the ninth in the series of Tove Jansson's Moomin books and the seventh of long format ones, published in 1962. Instead of a novel, this is a book of short stories.

Like how the previous book, Who Will Comfort Toffle?, did not feature the Moomin family, Tales from Moominvalley expands on this concept and tells several stories of people elsewhere in Moominvalley who have no connection to the family.

The book is dedicated to Sophia, most likely referring to Sophia Jansson who was born the same year the book was first published.

Tales from Moominvalley contains nine stories:


Various stories from the book have been adapted to television six times.

The Polish 1977 version of the Fir Tree was restored with updated effects and cut into a feature length film in 2017.

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