Moomintroll-in-hat (1)

Moominpappa in the Hobgoblin's hat

This article is about the hat. See Finn Family Moomintroll for the book originally named after it in its original language.

The Hobgoblin's hat is an enchanted item of clothing that appeared in Finn Family Moomintroll. On the first day of spring, Moomintroll, Sniff and Snufkin found the magic hat on the highest mountain in the neighborhood of Moominvalley. It possesses the magic ability of transforming any ordinary item into an extra-ordinary item, by having the original object placed inside the hat. The original owner of the hat is the Hobgoblin.


These are the known effects of putting things into the hat.

  • Eggshells turns into pink clouds.
  • Moomintroll turns into "the King of California".
  • The Antlion turns into a hedgehog.
  • Water turns into raspberry juice.
  • Cryptogams turns into a jungle.
  • Cherries turns into rubies.
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