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The Joxter (Finnish: Juksu; Swedish: Joxaren) is a character who appears in the Moomin book "Moominpappa's Memoirs", earlier named "The Exploits of Moominpappa". The book is about Moominpappa, who tells Moomintroll ,Snufkin and Sniff about his youth, and the Joxter is one of the friends Moominpappa talks about in the book.

As also explained in the book that Joxter is Snufkin's father.[1]

The Joxter is described as being very lazy and worry-free, explaining once that the perfect life for would be to live in a fruit tree and eat the fruit as it grows. He occasionally has premonitions, which he calls "Forebodings", which lets him know if something bad will happen.

Mention of Joxter's family, in The Exploits of Moominpappa, by Tove Jansson.

He also has a dislike for authority figures, a trait he shares with his son Snufkin, as well as other family members. In the book, Joxter even goes as far as to say the last time he heard from his family they were at war with a park keeper. (This is also a tradition Snufkin seems to continue)

Joxter also has or had a relationship with The Mymble, which in turn resulted in Snufkin's birth. 


  • The Joxter's grandfather (Snufkin's great-grandfather) is said to one day have gotten stuck in his own trousers because of a zipper that got stuck. However, the book doesn't tell us if Joxter's grandfather also was one of the family members who were at war with the park keeper.
  • After the bad storm, Moominpappa tells Moomin and his friends that Joxter was the one to repair the extra engine on the houseboat, which suggests the Joxter at least has some knowledge on the subject. 
  • Depending on what Joxter's and The Mymble's relationship was like, it's also possible Joxter (at least for a while) is/was the step-father of Little My and The Mymble's other children. 
  • Unlike in the books, in the popular cartoon from the 1990s, it's never mentioned the Joxter is Snufkin's father, nor that Snufkin and Little My are half-siblings. Moominpappa only tells Snufkin he looks a lot like the Joxter.