Hobgoblin Arrives at the Party10
Hobgoblin Arrives at the Party6

Up in the moon, the Hobgoblin had been searching for the precious ruby for hundreds of years. Tired and sad, he was resting on the edge of a crater with his Black Panther, when he caught sight of it shining like a red eye in the dark earth of the garden at the Moomin's big autumn party.

Faster than light, he flew through space -- steering for the valley of the Moomins, where the ruby's red fire shone even more brightly.

Far below, the Moomins were still enjoying the party. Suddenly, they were startled by new arrivals -- a little white mouse and a black cat joined the Moomins.

"Puss puss!" said the Hemulen, but the black cat shut its eyes and didn't answer. The white mouse only stared. Neither of them wanted any punch. They were interested only in the ruby.

Thingumy and Bob were frightened. They didn't trust these visitors. A black cat and a white mouse had never been seen together in the valley before -- and they were right! The mouse and the cat were really the Hobgoblin and the Black Panther in disguise.

"Aha!" said the Hobgoblin. "That ruby's mine."

"You can't take it away from them, they bought it," said Moominpappa, courageously, even though he was a little afraid of the Hobgoblin.

"You're right, I can't take it away from them. That would be stealing," said the Hobgoblin. "But I can give them a whole mountain of diamonds, or a whole valley of precious stones in exchange.

(T&B: No no no!)

But Thingumy and Bob would have none of it, and the Black Panther and the Hobgoblin began to get very angry indeed.

(BP: Growl...)

In the nick of time, Moominmamma arrived with a big plate full of such delicious smelling pancakes and jam that not even a Hobgoblin could resist them. He and his Black Panther ate and drank, and ate and drank as they had never before, and the Moomins poured more punch and brought more food until they were satisifed at last.

(Hobgoblin: Slurp.)

Then everyone sighed with relief. A Hobgoblin who ate pancakes and jam couldn't be so horribly dangerous, could he?

(Panther: Purr.)

And so they resumed their party, with dancing and fireworks, and even the Hobgoblin joined in.

(Partygoers: Whoopee!)

(Fireworks: Boom!)

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