It was warm afternon in moominvalley. There was the smell of flowers everywhere. Hemulens was studying flowers. At the same time moomins family were preparing a makeshift court for a meeting with The Groke. The moomin family wanted to decide whether a mysterious suitcase belongs to The Groke or to Thingumy and Bob. The trial between The Groke and Thingumy and Bob was to be held at 3:00 pm. Snufkin was judge. Everything started freezing, including a butterfly because The Groke came. After a short trial Snufkin decided that the suitcase belonged to The Groke. Moominmamma wanted to make everyone happy, so she proposed that they would buy the suitcase from The Groke, and give it to Thingumy and Bob. After tough negotiations, The Groke exchanged the suitcase for the Hobgobline hat and left moominvalley. As soon as she left everything defrosted and came back to life.

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