The Muskrat is a friend of the Moomins, and is a philosopher. He makes an appearance in the books Comet in Moominland and Finn Family Moomintroll.


The Muskrat is mostly gray, but his face and the tip of his tail is black. In addition, he has a large mustache. The Muskrat is roughly the same size as the Hemulens.


The Muskrat is very solemn and serious in nature. He runs along the Moominvalley to declare a mass that falls all over the disaster and is otherwise a very pessimist T. He wants to erakoitua, because Moominhouse happens to him in all kinds of absurd and ridiculous situations are the philosopher's self-esteem too much. These erakoitumisyrityksistä does not seem to be any good.


Musk-rat ended up as one of the Moomins track rainy evening, when the Moominpappa had received over the river bridge, ready to go. My father was a breach of constructing a bridge in a nice column by musk-rat and the philosopher was a stranger. Musk-rat went to the Moomin house to live in during the evening and explained how big the space is, using the detector, including Moominmamma's bakery biscuits.

The next day, toured the Moomin valley musk-rat, and told all comers in that disaster was coming and we all believed, as had been raining the previous night in addition to water 'from space landing in soot. "

A few days later, when Moomin and Sniff (also the film Little Lay) Tähtitornilta came back with new friends, musk-rat went Moomins Sniff to find the cave, which acted as a kind of bomb protection. The book The Magician muskrat hat goes to live in that that same cave.

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