The Secret Dish is the fifthy-sixth episode of the 1990 television series Moomin.


The episode begins with MoominSnorkmaidenLittle My and Sniff playing with a skipping-rope. Sniff is the one jumping at the time, but he trips at the rope after five jumps, but still continues and Little My takes the turn.It cuts to a wive of the front yard of the Moominhouse, reviling a dinner table sett up in front of the house. Moominpappa reads the paper on the veranda and Moominmamma comes out from the house carrying salad. The narrator explains that it was a wind still day so the Moomin's decided to eat outside today. Moominmamma calls for everyone and they start there meal, eating pancakes.

As the dinning goes on, Sniff comments to Moominmma that these pancakes are delisius, she's greatful that he likes them. Then Little My says outloud that they eat this all the time and that she's tiard of pancakes. Moomin gets back at her, saying that it dosn't stop her from eating them, as Snork Maiden containues, telling that at leat she likes them. My explaines that she didn't mean that she didn't like them, but that she would like something new.

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