• Hey, :)

    since you're always so helpful... ;) I'd like to edit a page. Does someone review the changes I make? I don't want to write something wrong since I'm not a native speaker. But the Muskrat has a rather Google-translator-ish Wiki with some random Finnish (I think) words in it. 

    Have a nice weekend! 

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    • Hi there! Thanks so much for wanting to help us, you are very welcome to edit a page! I'm the only admin here so I review changes and just double check for accuracy and spelling mistakes, so please do feel free to edit. A lot of the pages are like the Muskrat page and have just been copied from the Finnish Moomin Wiki or from Wikipedia and have issues, so any help you can offer is much appreciated as we're still getting this Wiki updated after six years of mostly inactivity! Thank you :-)

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