• Hi Prinsesser!

    Thanks for being a part of our Moomin Wiki community.

    I just wanted to let you know that fanart and other non-official art shouldn't be added to the galleries of Wiki articles. Wikis are aimed at being encyclopaedic and need to aim to contain unbaised information, the addition of things such as fanart, Mii characters or other game-creator versions of characters, and any unofficial, personal art is inappropriate to add, so please refrain from doing so. Feel free to post your fanart in a Blog Post or in Discussions, but please don't put it on the Wiki articles!

    Don't be afraid to add canonical art such as illustrations, comic strips, or screencaps of official Moomin TV shows and films, but please keep any gallery additions official and not promoting private or personal work, or using images you don't have legal access to.

    Please do remind yourself of FANDOM guidelines if you are new or aren't familiar with the guidelines on Wiki editing.

    Thanks for your time!


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    • Hi Prinsesser,

      Please stop adding Tomodatchi QR Codes to character pages. It has already been explained above why this is not the kind of content that should be added to Wiki pages, please keep Wiki guidelines in mind when editing, especially if you have already been reminded of them. As I've said, you're very welcome to share fan-creations such as those QR codes in a personal Blog Post or in Discussions, but please keep unofficial content off the article pages. If you do so again you will recieve a formal warning as it is becoming disruptive and myself and other editors are having to keep reverting these additions you make.

      Thank you for your time,


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    • A FANDOM user
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