Toft (Swedish: (homsan) Toft – for homsan see "Whomper"; Finnish: Tuhto) – a small, very shy boy who appears in Moominvalley in November. Toft makes up one of the people visiting the Moomins while they are absent. He is very mysterious and seems to have the power to bring things from his imagination into the real world. He is also able to use Moominpappa's crystal ball. In the original book, Toft is a whomper, but in the English version of the book his character was translated into a "boy".

Media in which Toft Appears

Moominvalley in November

  • Toft is one of the characters who travelled to Moominvalley in hopes of meeting the Moomin family, only to find the Moomin's have left

Moomin (1990 TV series)

  • In this television series, Toft is a young boy who was traveling to Moominvalley when the ship he was on capsized. He was rescued by the mysterious lighthouse keeper and begins living with him on the island before he encounters the Moomin family.


  • Tove Jansson based the character on herself while writing Moominvalley in November.
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