Too-Ticky (Swedish: Too-ticki, Finnish: Tuu-Tikki) is a winter-loving craftsperson who lives in Moominpappa's boathouse with invisible shrews during the winter.

Too-Ticky is active, optimistic, and interested in all things. She is seen as very knowledgeable, practical, and wise, and is a good problem solver. She has a major role in some comic books and newspapers and books, The Magic Winter, but does not appear in all the Moomin books. She doesn't hibernate during the harsh winter. Too-Ticky's outfit is a red and white striped sweater and a red bonnet (blue from the inside) with a red pom. 

Her first appearance is in Moominland Midwinter, where she teaches Moomintroll about winter when he wakes up during hibernation. She is also featured in a short story in Tales from Moominvalley, and in The Dangerous Journey, where she pilots a balloon.

In Moominland Midwinter, Too-Ticky together with Moomintroll and Little My build a horse out of snow for the Lady Of The Cold. Little-My definitely wanted to see the Lady up close, although Too-Ticky warned her against her icy gaze. Too-Ticky also warned a little squirrel, who forgot her warning and the Lady's gaze froze him.



New Moomin (1972)

  • The Memoirs of Moominpappa
  • Pointless Disturbance is Pointless

Moomin (1990)

  • The Invisible Child
  • The Invisible Friend
  • Moomintroll and Little My's Winter Adventure
  • The Winter Visitors
  • Midwinter Bonfire

Moominvalley (2019)



  • The character is modeled and named after Tuulikki Pietilä,Tove Jansson's partner.
  • Despite being very human in overall appearance, she is consistently depicted as having black, rodent-like feet, and walks barefoot. The only exceptions to this are Shin Mumin and Tanoshii Mūmin Ikka, in which she always wears shoes or some sort of footwear.
  • Too-Ticky is canonically female, though her unconventionally boyish appearance can be a source of confusion for some readers and viewers.
    • The english dub for Opowiadania Muminków seems to acknowledge this, with the narrator (Richard Murdoch) referring to Too-Ticky by male pronouns instead to prevent confusion in young english-speaking audiences. This is the only case of a televised adaptation doing so.


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