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  • I live in the UK
  • I was born on July 14
  • My occupation is part time writer, part time volunteer at library, full time bookaholic
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My friend introduced me to the Moomins when I was about 12 and I've loved them ever since. My favourite characters are Too-Ticky, Snufkin, Little My and Moomintroll himself, although I could continue that list forever because it is so hard to choose favourites when they are all so special and interesting. My bedroom is Moomin-themed, and I love to collect Moomin figures and plushies, there's just something very reassuring and wholesome about them.

My favourite book is probably Tales from Moominvalley and I haven't watched much of the television series but I love the 1990 animation and the recent Moominvalley series is so precious! Moomins on the Riviera is very sweet, too.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to help out with keeping this Wiki active and helping this community of fellow Moomin fans flourish.

As of May 2nd 2019 I am an admin on the Moomin Wiki! I'm here to help, and here to keep our Wiki looking shipshape and making sure that our community is doing okay, so don't hesitate to message me if you have any queries or just want to say hi!

We've got 2,797 pages, 231 articles, and 9,209 total edits made to the wiki so far! Look at us go! Thanks to all who have contributed, and hello to our current 9 active users!

A note for all new (and maybe old) Moomin fans who may be coming to this Wiki to add something that they consider very entertaining to one of our pages, probably Snufkin's page: Don't. Please don't.

I need to be professional and practical about everything that happens here, as an admin, and as someone who genuinely really cares about building up this Wiki to be a really useful and reliable collection of Moomin information, and I try to remain impartial about things like this, but outside of that I really want to say look, I get it. Moomintroll and Snufkin can easily be seen as sweethearts, that's how I've always interpreted it, and it could be that that's exactly what Tove Jansson intended, and it's very nice and wholesome, and I support every single person who also sees them that way, but please remember that this is a Wiki and please have some respect for all of us who volunteer to work on this Wiki in our free time.

We cannot just bend the rules and allow every single interpretation to have it's place alongside facts on these pages, however harmless they are or however obvious they may seem. There is a lot of room on the internet for discussion on the very obvious LGBT themes in Tove's work, but please don't do it on these article pages. Just make a comment or start a Discussion or something instead of being the fifteenth person to put 'be gay do crime' on Snufkin's page this week. It was funny maybe the first time but now it's just disappointing that so many people keep having so little disregard for the people behind this Wiki. Thank you.



Today it is: 26/05/2020

My activity was last updated: 19/03/2020

Currently editing:

  • Book category - updating Infoboxes
  • Video game articles
  • Improving character page titles/correcting
  • Adding infoboxes and translations to all character pages

Next up:

  • Adding italics to media page titles (TV shows, books, films)
  • Delete redundant Templates/update Templates
  • Create page for The Invisible Child Campaign (Oxfam & Moomin)
  • Create About page
  • Change 'Moomin Characters' category into Main characters and Minor characters
  • Change Moomin Books category to Books (Moomin addition is reduntant). Same with other Media categories
  • Moominvalley 2019 - add themes to episodes
  • Adding infoboxes to People pages
  • Add Japanese cast for Moominvalley 2019
  • Adding pages for cast members of Moominvalley 2019
  • Book template
  • Create Woodies page
  • Add infoboxes to Book pages and organise
  • Moominpappa's Memoirs - change to Exploits of Moominpappa?
  • Novels and picture books - separate categories?
  • Work on Moomins Cookbook article
  • Create/work on The World of Moominvalley book article
  • Adding more info/sections to character articles
  • Comic strip template
  • Comic strip pages (add pages for individual comics?)
  • Add infoboxes to TV series pages and organise
  • Film template
  • Community page and about page
  • Add infoboxes to Film pages and organise
  • Add customised achievements (stamps)
  • Organise/add categories to uncategorised pages
  • Update non-portable infoboxes
  • Add information to Stubs
  • Add infoboxes to Moomin articles

Finished editing (for now)

  • Added new Infobox Book template
  • Added Achievements to the Wiki!
  • Moomin Music category updated to Music category
  • Reorganising Moomin (Tanoshii Mūmin Ikka) (1990) categories/articles
  • Delete Tanoshii Mūmin Ikka Episodes videos of full episodes as not allowed to be a hosting website
  • Improving and updating pages in Category:Moomin Locations and replacing with Category:Locations
  • Moominvalley (2019) and creating/editing episode and soundtrack articles
  • Add infoboxes to song pages
  • Infobox Music template
  • Main Page gallery improved - links updated, images replaced with HQ images
  • Main Page activity feed template
  • New Main Page poll, poll template and poll archive page
  • Main page maintenance & added featured page
  • Infobox Person template
  • Updated and added links to Top Navigation
  • Improved wordmark, colour scheme and background image
  • Improving titles for TV series and Film pages
  • Organising Moomin TV series and Moomin Films category pages
  • Adding infoboxes to main character articles
  • Infobox Television template

Ongoing edits:

  • Series 2 of Moominvalley episode articles
  • Series 2 of Moominvalley soundtrack/song articles
  • Adding Series 2 of Moominvalley information to Moominvalley article
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